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Find out what causes kids dental problems and discover everything you need to know about keeping your child's teeth healthy.

Step Up Your Brushing Game

It is important to make sure your kids adopt a proper brushing routine.

Brush At Least Twice a Day

Brushing too often wears away tooth enamel and irritates the gums, making them more prone to infection and inflammation.

Adopt Up-and-down Circular Strokes

It is important to make sure your kids adopt up-and-down circular strokes on the tooth and gumline.

The 2 Minute Rule

You can also use a timer to countdown a 2-minute brushing.

Start Flossing Your Kids’ Teeth

Start flossing your kids’ teeth at the age of 4, and teach them the proper methods for flossing.

How do I motivate my kids to take care of their teeth?

Make Brushing Fun and Enjoyable

Fun Toothbrushes and Flavoured Toothpaste

Colourful toothbrushes, animal-shaped floss holders and other fun accessories make brushing interesting and enjoyable. The taste of the toothpaste also matters.

Dental Chart and Reward System

A daily dental chart and a reward system can motivate and encourage your kids to brush and floss every day.

Good oral health starts from everyday routine

Let your kids keep a habit of brushing teeth

A Healthy Diet

A balanced diet is an ideal way to absorb a full range of vitamins and minerals, which is important to developing strong and decay-resistant teeth. You should also limit your kids’ snacks between meals.

Regular Dental Checkups

Take your kids to the dentist for regular checkups and consider having a dental sealant applied to protect against cavities.