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Make Your Child Love Brushing Teeth

Let your child knows that brushing teeth is healthy and fun! Tell them that with proper oral care, their teeth should last 80 years. How to maintain teeth and how to make your child brush their teeth can be a delightful topic for both parents and children.

1. Let Children Choose Their Own Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Children love colorful cartoons and fairy tale characters. Take them to buy their favorite toothbrush and toothpaste. There are many child oral products on the market. Let them choose something they want to see every day. Make it a game for them to pick their own oral products.

2. Eat Less Sweets to Reduce Tooth Decay

The acid produced by food erodes teeth causing tooth decay, especially foods with high sugar and starch content. When we eat, acid is produced in the mouth. Eat less candy, potato chips and chocolate. Banning snacks is not a good idea. Instead suggest your child to eat desserts or sweets after a meal. There is more saliva in the mouth after a meal that effectively removes food debris. Eating dairy products instead of desserts is another option. Remind them to drink plenty of water or brush their teeth after meals.

3. Join Parent-child Activities on Oral Care

When the child is young, turn brushing teeth into a fun parent-child activity. Teach them how to use the toothbrush and dental floss correctly. Let them see how healthy and clean their teeth are after proper brushing and supervise them to achieve the desired results.

Introduce 'Tooth Fairy' to Children

Tell some interesting stories while they brush or use role-playing to make brushing teeth more fun. This is a great way to learn about oral hygiene while stretching their imagination.

5. Join Interactive Games on Oral Care

As people become more aware of dental health, there are many free online interactive programs that teach children how to brush and care for their teeth. Some games guide children on brushing their teeth for 2 minutes every day and others that are fun and beneficial. Check them out!

6. Understand the Importance of Oral Health

As a baby grows, he learns about his five senses and how to move his limbs. When the first teeth appear, teach him how to use them. It is the ideal time to teach the routine and habit of brushing his teeth. Get books that talk about oral hygiene so your child gets acquainted with it. Take him to a friendly dentist to develop a positive experience, eliminate the fear of getting his teeth checked with regular checkups. Nurture correct oral care as soon as possible.

Oral Health Tips
Make Your Child Love Brushing Teeth