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Oral Health Tips - Toothbrush

The size of brush head, and the texture and pattern of its bristles, will all affect oral health. Find out the reason why

The size of brush head

It is essential to selected based on the size of your mouth and to make sure the toothbrush can move freely inside the oral cavity and reach every corner for deep cleansing.


Fit for people with a normal-sized mouth. Makes it easier to clean every corner of the mouth. Reaches deep around the molars to maintain oral health


Ideal for people with a smaller mouth. Designed to better clean a small mouth. Flexible to reach deeper into the oral cavity
Remove plaque, Protect teeth
Slim Tip Bristles
Remove plaque, Penetrate deep between teeth and gums, Protect teeth and gums
Slim Tip Bristles
Charcoal Bristles
Embedded charcoal particles freshen breath
Charcoal Bristles
Anti-bacteria Bristles
Embedded with anti-bacterial ingredients to inhibit bacteria growth
Anti-bacteria Bristles
Spiral Bristles
Has a hexagonal cross-section spiral proven to clean better than normal tapered filament
Spiral Bristles


Four different types of bristles patterns


All bristles are the same length and neatly arranged

Multilevel Trim

Multilevel bristles are designed to clean hard-to-reach areas


The bristles are arranged in a wavy pattern so as to reach adjacent tooth surfaces

High Density

High-density tufting can effectively reduce pressure and is gentle to gums