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How to Care for Your Teeth and alleviate Gum Inflammation?

The simplest way to ensure healthy teeth is to develop good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth and floss every day. Maintain a balanced diet and it’s less likely you would contract a periodontal disease. Follow the following 3 steps to ensure longer lasting healthy teeth:

Choose the Right Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Choose a professionally designed toothbrush to rid plaque and bacteria that accumulate between the teeth and gums to reduce the possibility of gum disease. If the toothbrush head has a soft tongue cleaner, use it to clean tongue thoroughly. Some formulations contain active ingredients that specifically address gum problems. There are even toothpastes that reduce bacterial production and alleviate accumulation of dental plaque. Brush your teeth every morning and evening for 2 minutes each time to thoroughly clean gums, tooth surface and tongue to ensure a healthy set of teeth.

Use the Floss and Toothbrush Correctly

Food debris and plaque between teeth can be cleaned via flossing. The use of an anti-microbial mouthwash designed for gingivitis can also reduce the chance of gum disease.

Change Your Toothbrush Regularly

Bristles wear out over time. When a toothbrush is used for a prolonged period of time, the bristles split and are unable to brush away the bacteria attached to teeth and gums. Change a new toothbrush every three months or use Darlie charcoal bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth more effectively.
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How to Care for Your Teeth and alleviate Gum Inflammation?